Thailand All taxi companies leading innovation services that enhance the taxi service is excellent. Comfortable and safe (as we seen a taxi Prius yellow in the streets ) to bring Google for Work or a new name in the G Suite to use for optimization and reduce the cost of business.




Anan Wongbenjarat,Chairman of Nakornchai air and All Thai Taxi Co. Ltd.


Anan Wongbenjarat,Chairman of Nakornchai air and All Thai Taxi Co. Ltd.,mentioned information technology applications in the company as a key mechanism for driving the company's services. Such as the technology available through apps for mobile applications,interactive map for directions,management automobile vehicles and internal management. So that the work process is going to work most effectively.



"Google Apps for Work (G Suite) enhance the interoperability of us. Especially in the transportation business that must be managed to ensure internal coordination. G Suite reduces duplication of work together very well such as vehicle information ,maintenance ,appointments ,Documents Bill and Contacting partners .No matter where Our employees are able to work with the same data through portable devices or computers, "said Anan

In terms of investment, Anan said that using Google for Work seem having a global IT system, Google (Google) to be used in organizations with a reasonable cost. No investment in hardware and system security itself. 
If you want it to work at the same level in order to raise the inner workings of the organization, it will require enormous investments.Google for Work (G Suite) is suitable for organizations without large IT team to administer or general business from small to large. Both in terms of functionality and cost.



บริษัท ดีมีเตอร์ ไอซีที จำกัด ผู้ให้บริการ Google Apps for Work ในประเทศไทย

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