A customer service app, no strings attached

Great customer support is tied to the customer, not a desk.
Zendesk native mobile apps are built for team leaders, agents, and those rolling stones who can’t sit still.

Zendesk for mobile—it’s all good.

Agents can catch up with tickets, clean up their queue, and free up their workflow (and mind).

For iPhone/Android

  • Create new tickets on the fly and make quick updates with macros
  • Notifications alert agents to updates on their assigned tickets
  • Get to the right ticket immediately using search and deep-linking from email
  • Filter through the queue with Views and swipe to easily move to the next ticket

For your iPad

  • Stay ahead of key performance indicators with full access to reporting and analytics
  • Swipe to quickly triage or respond to tickets
  • Dip into the Agent Dashboard to get an overview of an individual or team queue

Good chats can happen anywhere

Zendesk Chat’s live chat app keeps chat support going when agents get going, too.

For iPhone and Android

  • Match the customer’s pace with notifications about incoming messages and visitors
  • Browse the site visitor list to proactively start chats
  • Serve multiple chats at once and avoid keeping customers waiting

Be the company your customers want you to be

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