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What is a sales CRM?

When most people refer to a CRM (customer relationship management) they’re referring to software or a tool that enables them to manage and improve their relationships with prospects and customers. But customer relationship management varies, depending on what department you’re talking to. A support team might use a CRM to manage customer tickets, while marketing teams may use the tool to analyze how consumers respond to online campaigns. When it comes to sales, a CRM is used to streamline pipeline management. With a sales CRM tool, you can safely store databases of customer information and drive more sales. Simplify sales A sales CRM is a...

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Zendesk messaging: Customer service in a digital-first world

Deliver rich conversational experiences that are connected everywhere — from WhatsApp and Instagram to your own websites and mobile apps. Even before the virus forced us all inside and online, messaging was taking over the world. It’s how many of us shared news, collaborated with colleagues, and — most importantly — kept in touch with friends and family. As with all things digital, the pandemic simply accelerated the inevitable.  It also showed us that messaging was made for customer service.  Customers are reaching out for help more than ever before, and messaging is their channel of choice. Over the...

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