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We develop work processes in your organization with effective and appropriate technology.


About Us

Founded in 2015, Demeter ICT has been offering business transformation service using cloud information technologies like Google Workspace and Zendesk, under the vision of bringing effective and appropriate technology to maximize benefits and increase competitiveness for businesses and any size of organization. We currently serves more than 3,000 customers in Asia Pacific (APAC).

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Workplace Transformation

Change the work process in the organization by connecting the relationships of the people, Process and Technology. The work process can be done more efficiently by Google Workspace.

Google Workspace Training

We provide training courses for Google Workspace user and admin. You can also arrange the course to meet the organization needs.

Customer Experience Management

Manage and design customer support processes from all channels with Omnichannel Customer Support Software by Zendesk.

China Digital Marketing

We are marketing consultant through Chinese channels and online platforms to expand your business to reach the customers in China.


Google Workspace on cloud
for effective collaboration

Chinese online marketing through WeChat Official Account platform

  • Register WeChat Official Account
  • WeChat M-Commerce Platform
  • WeChat Official Account Training

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