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Content management vs knowledge management —do businesses need to do both?

Content management vs knowledge management—do businesses need to do both? Spoiler alert: Yes, they do. Content management and knowledge management are often used interchangeably. But distinguishing between the two is necessary, as businesses need both to streamline internal operations and establish consistency in their message. In a business sense, content and knowledge are different things. That’s why each require different processes, teams, and/or software to manage them. Knowledge is the abstract, tacit knowhow that lives within everyone who belongs to an organization—you can have explicit knowledge of things without necessarily translating that knowledge into an output. The output is typically what...

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Measure success with the right self-service analytics

It is known that self-service helps in scaling support operations, and that self-service portals keep customers happy. You might have already launched your own self-service platform and incorporated workflows to keep it useful and dynamic. You also might already see some positive impact on your organization, especially your support team. However, it is important to try understand where you are headed. One of the best ways for this, is to know where you have been. If you are in the early stages of launching your knowledge management platform and you are not sure how self-service is affecting your customer...

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