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Why live chat benefits everyone

These days customers want to find answers online, until they feel the need to talk to a human. They expect an answer that is not just right, but lighting-fast. This is where live chat comes into play. It is a very useful tool meeting the needs of a demanding and connected customer. Chat is the best, because it is personal and digital at the same time. This means real-time human interaction on a computer or a mobile device. No need to speak on the phone out loud about your problems and no long hold periods. It’s easy to see...

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5 Business goals that benefit from live chat

  Offering customers live chat will often require some balancing. Different stakeholders will have different views as to where it offers the best value. Support might want to keep it focused on the customer experience, while sales might see it as a tool for increasing conversions. Ultimately it’s up to the support manager to determine how live chat would be best used to support the company’s goals. This capability for instantaneous communication can have a fast and significant effect on your business goals. This is why it’s crucial that your live chat goals align with your business objectives. Here...

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