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Shine on the trend! Consumer behavior in 2022 from the COVID-19 crisis, how should businesses adapt?

number of cases will begin to decline in the fourth quarter, and the business itself is expected to begin to recover in 2022. So in the meantime, how should brands adapt? So that the business can survive and create an opportunity for your brand to be in the minds of consumers. During the period when consumers are mentally ill and need help the most. The impact of COVID-19 What are the consumers? deteriorating mental health Due to many situations that beset not only COVID-19 But there are also economic problems that are equally bad. causing stress Therefore, online shopping...

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No matter how much information you can find! with the Searching feature from Zendesk

Did you know?  Zendesk Agent Workspace now includes Live chat and Messaging Conversations search capabilities! Because many companies have more customers. As a result, the number of incoming tickets increased as well. Zendesk looked for a solution to increase productivity and the agent experience by creating a search field where agents could type text. Ticket numbers or keywords you want to find And the customer’s information will be displayed immediately. without having to postpone digging to waste time What will the details be? Let’s look at the method in detail to see a clear picture. 1. Start by opening the...

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