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Demeter ICT incorporate with Sateraito Office on expanding Google Add-On Service to Thai market

Bangkok 4th August 2016

Demeter ICT Company Limited (DMIT), one of the biggest Google Apps partner in Thailand, has been incorporated with Sateraito Office Inc, the biggest google partners in Japan with an intention to take the part in Google Add-on Service market in Thailand.

Sateraito Office Inc. ( is the biggest Google Enterprise Partner in Japan where their headquarter is located in Tokyo, Japan. The company also provides solution supplement on Google Apps for Work with more than 25,000 corporate customers which counted as over 5.5 million of users for more than 70% of market share. Sateraito Office has Single Sign On system which aim to increase high level security and control mobile phone, also there are Workflow, Document Management, Group Calendar, Group Address Book, Cloud CRM, etc, more than 20 add-on solutions are launched and those are worked on Google Sites. These products are collaborated with Google Apps for Work. Therefore those are capable of using effectively, furthermore.

Workflow, Document Management, Cloud CRM, will substitute all documents papers with electronics system with approval procedure and all reference documents with electronic system connected with Google Apps and run perfectly on Cloud systems.

“ In This day, most of organizations still allocate their workflow in form of document paper; for example, booking conference room, leave approval, etc. or by IT system that is not completely associated with Google Apps for work. This leads to more process in updating data after the approval in Calendar on Google Apps for each user. However, by working under Sateraito Office workflow, user’s capability to manage their job can be extended in many other ways apart from using mail or other Google Apps tools or even update sharing documents with their colleagues.”
– Dr. Varanyu Suchivoraphanpong,
Founder and CEO of Demeter ICT

By using Cloud system in business sector, it will lead to more efficient result by reducing the company’s cost such as maintenance cost. In other word, it is accessible for the company to use world standard cloud service with the proper cost for each company. This is because the Cloud that Demeter ICT provide is emerged from the collaboration with the world class company like Google.

Varanyu Suchivoraphanpong, PhD, Founder and CEO of Demeter ICT Company Limited

Mr. Yakuta Haraguchi, founder and CEO of Sateraito Office Inc stated about a business opportunities in Southeast Asia as a good starting pace following with more chance to even further expand Cloud service in this region. Sateraito Office established their subsidiary in Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam for the purpose of providing high quality outsourcing service into this region. He believe that by cooperating with Demeter ICT, one of leader who provide Google Apps for Work in Thailand. This corporation will also efficiently raise the chance for expanding our business sector.

Mr. Yakuta Haraguchi, CEO of Sateraito Office Inc

“ We think that Thailand is one of the country that has a great potential on Cloud Information system that come up with the solution to decrease the organization cost and increase work potential of the company associated with Thai government’s digital economic policy. ”
– Mr. Yakuta Haraguchi