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Golden Rules of Customer Service

Smile. Use the customer’s name. Customer is always right. Always say thank you. These are well-known and important rules for good customer service. Good customer service is one key to success in business. That’s because good customer service is rarer than you think. In this article we are going to introduce some golden rules of great customer service. You can take benefit for these rules when you are developing your customer service even better and greater. Every interaction matters. You should always have time to your customers concerns, complaints and feedback. Every contact with your clients is important. You...

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5 Tips for better Customer Experience Management

There is already one article about why you should be interested in customer experience management. Now we are going to give you six tips on how you can benefit customer experience management even better. Providing great customer experiences can help create loyal brand advocates, who are more likely to spread positive word of mouth about your brand. With these tips, you can improve and further de velop customer experience. 1. Create a clear customer experience vision A customer experience initiative that lacks a strong, clear vision often fails to achieve its intended result. That’s why it’s important for an organisation...

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Why you should be interested about customer experience management

Everything has changed in the business environment during of the last 25 years. Competition has got much more intensive. Customers are no longer passive recipients in corporate communications, but they are active participants in business and social communal counterweight. The focus of marketing communication is changed from mass marketing to real-time and targeted communication. CEM stands for Customer Experience Management. It is important to notice that CEM is whole different thing than CRM (customer relationship management). Where CRM focus describes and model client processes, tries CEM understand the importance of encounters to the customer. CEM is about knowing your...

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