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Why you should be interested about customer experience management

Everything has changed in the business environment during of the last 25 years. Competition has got much more intensive. Customers are no longer passive recipients in corporate communications, but they are active participants in business and social communal counterweight. The focus of marketing communication is changed from mass marketing to real-time and targeted communication.

CEM stands for Customer Experience Management. It is important to notice that CEM is whole different thing than CRM (customer relationship management). Where CRM focus describes and model client processes, tries CEM understand the importance of encounters to the customer. CEM is about knowing your customers so completely that you can deliver experiences that increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy. It provides tools to customize the customer service as the client would like it to be. The goal of customer experience management is to optimize interactions from the customer’s perspective and, as a result, improve customer loyalty.

The company lives on its customers. Therefore, it is profitable to invest in the value of the customer. In customer experience management, the service experience is developed from the client’s point of view. Then the company does not focus too much on something that does not give the customer enough added value. When you focus on the customer experience to improve loyalty, you increase customer lifetime value, improve cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, and lower customer acquisition costs. Acquiring new customers can cost as much as  five times more than retaining current customers. That why it is very important to serve your current customers properly.

At its core, CEM is about action, not just measuring survey results or NPS. If you think about NPS simply as a score, without changing the way you actually do business, it may be very difficult to improve customer loyalty or achieve a new level of growth. Instead, a successful customer experience management program combines executive commitment and accountability at every level of the organization with a foundation of structure, governance, and technology.

Customer experience management will be in the future, and partly is already, a growing trend in customer service. Every company should at least get to know CEM and think can it be useful to them own business and what benefit it can provide.

Source : Zendesk


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