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4 things to know before choosing a help desk software

It can be tricky to determine what is the best software to serve your customers. Software Advice surveyed IT professionals to understand what people value in help desk software. They reported that Zendesk was a clear market leader in Help desk technologies. The market share is currently 68.7 percent. Customers reported that Zendesk’s great interface, extensive automation, live chat support and self-service channel-building tools make it a great customer service platform with all the right pieces.

Despite this, you know what is best for your company. While Zendesk is a very recommended solution, there are a lot of options and it can be hard to figure out where to start. Here are four key questions you should ask yourself when making a decision about help desks.

1. Who are your customers?
Even though this may sound too basic, it is very important. The first step of customer service is knowing who you are serving. Different CRM softwares offer different platforms for communication with other groups. For example, a traditional help desk -solution allows the IT team to serve the employees of a company internally. Other software is better suited for both internal and external communication. Either way, it is important to know your audience before selecting a customer service software.

2. Where do you want the communication to live?
There are two major types of software platforms: Ones that store all the tickets and customer information onsite, and ones that store them in the cloud. Even though cloud based software is gaining popularity these days, there are still many companies that still use on-premise help desk software. These companies are usually larger and more established, and have the physical space to set up all the hardware. Companies like this feel more in control of their data and security. Downsides of this approach are large maintenance costs and space requirements.

When it comes to cloud-based systems, many companies like them for their low cost and flexibility. The cloud is a great option especially for companies that plan on rapidly growing their customer support capabilities.

3. What’s important to track?
The key for keeping customers happy is knowing how they are being supported. Zendesk offers great analytics which let companies know how fast their tickets are processed and whether the customer is satisfied afterwards. Many other platforms have limited reporting. Some companies also track their data, which makes in-platform analytics irrelevant. If you don’t have a way of measuring customer service, software that includes various analytical features might be useful for you.

4. Do you want special features?
Different add-ons, apps and widgets that are available in different software platforms can be very useful for your business. They are important when it comes to future the growth of your company. These integrations can be strategic or just for fun. For example, Zendesk offers widgets that provide agents with scripts for serving customers. Software Advice also reported that live chat is a very important aspect, when it comes to IT professionals choosing a help desk software for their company.

Source: Zendesk

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