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Now in its 10th year, Google Street View covers every continent, 83 countries and all 77 provinces in Thailand

It has already been 10 years since Google Street View, a 360-degree map of the world, was first introduced. Google Street View car officially hit the road in 2006 and the first imaginary was published on Google Street View in May 2007. Today Google Street View provides panoramic views of every continent in 83 countries, covering about 10 million miles of the world.

Google Street View made its official debut in Thailand in September 2011 and has started accumulating images of places around the country since. Six months after the debut, images of the first three provinces – Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai – were published on Google Street View. In August 2016, Google Street View cars and Street View Trekker team completed capturing all corners of Thailand’s 77 provinces. What’s more, users can also go back in time with Street View’s Time Machine feature to see how places have changed over the past 5 years.

Last year, Google introduced Google Indoor Street View that allows users to explore indoor locations. At first, it could be used at department stores in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Today, users can access Indoor Street View for 15 department stores.

Over the past six years of its operation in Thailand, Google Street View team has collaborated with various organizations to photograph roads, streets and tourist attractions around Thailand, enabling people from all over the world to explore and admire amazing places in the country through mobile devices and PCs.

Google Street View gives you a taste of the places you will see in person one day, helps you remember the places you have been, and enables you to explore the places you might never get to.

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