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How SEO can benefit your customer service

SEO, Search engine optimization,  isn’t it something your marketing department is always interested in? For long time that have been the case. New growing trend is to break walls between different departments. It has been noticed that collaboration between many kinds of teams is often very beneficial. Customer support team have a lot to give other teams and also the other way around. Example, customer support team can learn on marketing department how to advantage SEO better on customer servicing.

People tend to prefer searching for solutions to their problems on Google or a company’s website first, before contacting help desk technicians. This creates the need to make good SEO to your customer service sites. If you aren’t visible when potential customers look for help or for reviews, you’re allowing other voices, including those of your competitors, to determine the conversation about your brand.

Search queries are often worded as questions, starting with “How to”, “what is” or very specific long-tail keywords. The support team should work closely with the SEO team to determine what customers are searching for. In this way, you’ll be using exact keywords and phrases that are understood by the general audience to help bring in other users who are searching for the same question. It’s worth checking out what your users have searched for on your website by integrating it into Google Analytics. Site Search shows you if people are using the search function on your site, which queries they entered, and whether the search results led to them diving in deeper to your site.

By creating and optimizing content for each stage in the journey, you’ll improve customer experience. It would make your customers much more easier to find help and solutions to their problems. In a survey of 3,000 online consumers conducted by Coleman Parkes, 91% said they prefer to use online knowledge base and solve their problems on their own. A well-structured knowledge base that contains good answers to all the frequently asked questions can reduce ticket volumes and save a huge amount time of your customer service agents. You can easily create a high-quality knowledge base by using, for example, Zendesk Guide.

In addition to normal search engine optimization, google has created a service called featured snippets. Featured snippets are selected search results that are featured on top of Google’s organic results below the ads in a box. It aim is answering the user’s question right away, so that user doesn’t have ever even leave google. Featured snippets will advance the brand authority as direct answers stand out separately from the rest of Google’s 10 blue links. You should take advantage of all these features so that you can serve your customers as well and easily as possible.

Source : Zendesk


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