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CX Transformation Service

Today, customers are always expecting how fast and convenient the business responds to their request. According to the CX Trends 2021 survey by Zendesk, the customers prefer to interact with the business in the channels they communicate with their friends and family. Not only the multiple channels expected, but they also demanded the business to respond and solve their requests or tickets in the shortest time possible, no matter which channel contated. 

Referring to the CX Trends 2021 survey by Zendesk, the businesses who focus on customer experience management always have a better growth of revenue, due to higher customer satisfaction.  Most of the customers always come back to repurchase if they feel happy and more confident how the business handles their requests in the proper manners and processes. The customers do not expect back and forth, repeating pain storytelling, long waiting time, no answer on issue follow up, slow first reply time, channel limit etc. 

They tend to switch to the competitors even after they have had a bad experience when contact with business even once. That is why many businesses are investing time and effort in creating the customer service process to ensure the best customer experience (CX) perceived. 

However, good CX does not mean the businesses need to have as many channels as they can, but the businesses need to understand their own customers behaviors and respond to them in the way the customers expected.  That is why the businesses need to monitor their first reply time, customer satisfaction, one-touch ticket resolution, SLA, etc, in order to improve CX all the time. Without committing with those processes and data, the business is likely to fail on CX management.

What our customers said after implementing CX transformation by deploying Zendesk with us are 

  • More than 20% cost saving in customer service process. 
  • The business can handle more than 40% of the tickets with the same number of agents 
  • A lot of improvement in Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) 
  • Able to monitor the performance of the customer service and CX in real time
  • Customers come back again with happiness to repurchase etc.

In order to create such processes and information, the business needs to choose the right tool and the experienced CX transformation partner to help. With the long experiences in CX implementation by deploying Zendesk, DEMETER ICT assists many enterprise-level businesses in various industries building CX processes. In our best practice, we help our customers to

  1. Analyse the current bottle-neck and pain points in CX processes. This will ensure the root cause of the problem.
  2. Design how the business must integrate customer service channels, e.g. telephone, email, livechat, messaging, self-service etc, to match with your manpowers and customer behaviors. Creating multiple channels does not help, if the business does not have tools, process and people to handle the request from one single platform.
  3. Design the customer service process to eliminate the bottle-neck. Increasing the number of service agents does not help. The most important thing is how the business has the capabilities to handle high volume of customer requests with the minimum workforce.
  4. Design the CX performance dashboard. The data will be gathered from day to day operation and become the information you need. We ensure our business customers get the right information they need in a real-time manner.  The business can respond to the CX performance improvement all the time.
  5. We help customers to setup and configure the Zendesk system to be in line with the new CX process and dashboard design. We run the testing and real environment process simulation test by users to make sure everything is going in the right way.
  6. We build your technical team to have the capabilities to handle the future Zendesk system modifications by conducting technical training.
  7. In order to give an awareness of the new process and tool to the user, we conduct the users training based on the new CX process and Zendesk tool. This will ensure the users can handle customers cases efficiently. 
  8. We encourage the related persons to monitor the performance presented on the dashboard in order to find the room for improvement. The better and better CX process will be developed from time to time.

All the above processes are normally implemented between two to four weeks, depending on the complexity of the business. However, time is more precious than money. It saves your cost in the longer term. 

The only chance to improve your CX within two to four weeks. Contact us for more information and special offers.