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How an omnichannel customer experience contact center works

Find out how an omnichannel customer experience can streamline your contact center operations and make life easier for both customers and agents.

Digital communication has never been easier, nor more imperative. We can connect with remote coworkers over Zoom, chat with friends on Facebook Messenger, receive text updates about a food delivery, and ask Alexa to order more toilet paper.

Meanwhile, many contact centers are still relying solely on phone and email for customer service. While those channels are still important, there’s a lot more that you can be doing to help your customers in this digital, distributed world.

With an omnichannel customer experience, you can be helpful everywhere. Let’s get started.

What is an omnichannel contact center?

An omnichannel contact center is a contact center that can receive customer requests from multiple channels, such as email, phone, chat, social media, etc.

The goal of an omnichannel experience is to simplify customer engagement and improve the customer experience by making it easy for agents to provide a consistent, seamless experience across all service channels.

*Benefits of an omnichannel customer experience

In reality, customers don’t think about the interaction in terms of channels, they just want to be helped. With an omnichannel strategy, you can focus less on the channels you offer and more on the help you provide. The result is a more seamless experience for both the customer and agent.

30% of CX leaders said hard-to-use systems were the top factor hindering the agent experience.

We can’t forget the importance of the agent experience. A recent study found that a good agent experience drives customer satisfaction and loyalty, with nearly a third of CX executives saying that hard-to-use systems were the biggest challenge they faced when trying to improve the agent experience, higher than any other category.

Omnichannel can make life easier for your agents by consolidating data in a single tool, streamlining customer interactions, and giving them greater visibility from start to finish.

Here are a few benefits of an omnichannel customer experience solution :

Single view

Improved CX

Easier reporting

How an omnichannel contact center works

While many organizations offer multichannel service, true omnichannel means that you can maintain visibility across the customer journey, and you can switch between channels without losing customer information and context.

Picture this: A customer contacts you via live chat with a question about an erroneous charge.

With an omnichannel, the interaction could go something like this:

  • Agent responds A customer support agent responds to the live chat message.
  • Conversation is transferred from live chat to email The agent switches from live chat to email to ensure the security of the customer’s billing information. It’s easy to pick up where they left off.
  • Agent gets confirmation from the billing department Before refunding the customer, the agent requests confirmation from the billing department using Slack for Zendesk Support. They give the green light to begin the refund.
  • Issue resolved The agent begins the refund and closes the ticket. Shortly afterward, the customer receives a customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey to rate their experience.
  • Customer feedback received They give a high satisfaction rating for fast customer service and a seamless experience.

Omnichannel sounds great in theory, but once you have an omnichannel solution in place, how do you make sure you’re actually delivering on the promise of a great customer experience?

Read on to find out how to make sure your experience lives up to customer expectations.

Omnichannel customer experience management

Customer service software can help you enrich the customer experience so you can meet customer needs and increase customer satisfaction. Here are a few tips to manage your omnichannel customer experience :

  • Build automated workflows for a more consistent experience

    Using automations for repetitive tasks saves you time, increases efficiency, and ensures consistency as you scale.

  • Add apps and integrations to facilitate collaboration

    You likely have tools you’re already using such as Slack, JIRA, or Zoom. Adding the right app integrations can help your team work together to solve customer problems.

  • Unlock customer data for more personalized service

    By tapping into customer data (such as purchase history), your agents can provide more specific and contextually relevant responses.

  • Ask for customer feedback so you can improve you CX

    Take advantage of CSAT surveys and apps like Qualtrics for Zendesk Support to dig deeper, so you can continually optimize your customer experience.

>> 5 signs it’s time to consider an omnichannel solution

Be ready for anything

Adopting an omnichannel solution gives you the flexibility to meet changing customer expectations. We’ve seen shifts in customer behavior since the COVID-19 pandemic began, such as an increased reliance on chat and messaging channels. But the world will keep changing and so too will customers’ channel preferences. With omnichannel support, you can be ready for anything. Learn more about Zendesk

Time to try? Start a free trial of the Zendesk Support Suite.

Demeter ICT involved in Zendesk implementation at Kerry Express, starting from customer service process design, configuration, integration with Telephony and Chatbot, training, testing, data migration and Go-Live Support. The implementation time was around two months.
Demeter ICT participated in Zendesk implementation at LINE MAN WONGNAI. The scope of work is involved with customer service process design, configuration, integration with Telephony, training, testing, data migration and Go-Live Support. The system was up and ready in one month.
Cathay Pacific Airways
“As a customer-centric airline, it is essential that Cathay Pacific communicates with our customers on the channels they prefer. Messaging is fast becoming the preferred mode of communication of our customers and we’re looking forward to enhancing our customer experience with these new Zendesk capabilities.” - Lawrence Fong Group GM IT and Digital, Cathay Pacific Airways
Demeter ICT helps TRUE implement the Zendesk system. The scope of work is involved with customer service process design, configuration, training, testing, data migration and Go-Live Support. This is another ideal case that the customer started from a small portion of Zendesk deployment in order to prove the concept and expand significantly during the past few years.
Riot Games
“Zendesk is very much focused on the 'player' experience, like we are. I feel like we’ve always been able to speak honestly with each other.” Shaun 'BlueFire' Randall Product Manager Support Engineering at Riot Games
“We love the help center in Zendesk because it’s easy to use. We get some great analytics out of it in terms of which articles are being used the most. It helps us to make adjustments and to see what’s helping our users.” - Gerald Hastie Director, Global Customer Experience at Evernote
“Zendesk allows us to treat our colleagues with as much care as we give our customers.” - Adam Bruce Lead Product Manager, Service Desk at Tesco
"If we hadn’t invested so heavily in incredible support and our customer experience, we’d probably be just another app. Even if we’re just sharing cat memes, we’re constantly engaging with our customers, so they feel like they really know us as people. That’s a big part of our brand, and that starts with great support." - Danny Duong Director of Customer Experience at Discord
“Having a partner that really understands our business, and how ambitious we are, is huge—because service, at the end of the day, needs to be in lockstep with every single track of work that’s happening within Airbnb.” Shirley Lin Product Lead of the Support Products Group at Airbnb
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