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When does a business need an omnichannel customer service strategy?

It’s not difficult to imagine why customers and businesses would be interested in having seamless conversations across channels, but it’s perhaps less obvious why they would proactively move a conversation from, say, Facebook Messenger to their own mobile app, or from their website to WhatsApp.

Here are a few scenarios where changing channels might come in handy:


When businesses want to authenticate customers to perform sensitive operations

Consumer chat apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are great because they’re so accessible, but sometimes brands need to have private conversations with their customers.

Let’s say you’re a bank or insurance company and need to authenticate your user before exchanging sensitive information. Using a call to action, you can prompt the customer to sign in to your own mobile app and continue the conversation there.


When a user wants to be notified that the business has replied to their message on a more convenient channel

Let’s say someone is browsing your business’ website and pings you with a question via your custom web messenger. Maybe your agent isn’t able to answer right away or maybe the user has a little back-and-forth with a bot, but has to run before the issue is resolved.

Rather than hang around your website, the customer would probably prefer to receive a notification via Messenger (or email or SMS) when you’ve replied to their message.

Most web messengers prompt users to enter their email address, but in the modern messaging age it’s nice to give customers more options. And if the customer is available to keep chatting, they can do so on the new channel without skipping a beat.


When businesses want to move the conversation to a channel that costs less or to provide a better user experience

Being wherever your customers are is important, but that doesn’t mean channels are interchangeable. Chat apps offer richer user experiences than SMS and they’re also free (depending on the country, SMS costs can really add up for businesses and consumers alike).

Email conversations may beat phone calls by a longshot but they don’t hold a candle to the rich messaging experiences users have come to know and love. And in some cases, the secure, branded environment of a business’ mobile app or web chat may be the best place for a conversation to flourish.

No matter the case, Sunshine Conversations lets you move a conversation from email, to web messenger, to messaging app to SMS with the click of a button. You never lose track of who the customer is, where they came from and why they came to you in the first place. Because that context is precious.


When a business doesn’t want third-party platforms eavesdropping on the conversation

Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Twitter — these channels are great for discovery, but they’re still Facebook’s Messenger, Tencent’s WeChat and Twitter’s Twitter. Many businesses aren’t keen on sharing conversations with the Big Tech companies for them to mine and monetize.

Now you can engage customers on a popular platform and then get down to business on a more private one.

Bring true omnichannel conversations to your customers

Over the past few years, there’s been a ton of hype around messaging technology and how it’s transforming the customer experience. But the fragmented nature of the space makes it complicated for businesses to harness the full potential of messaging.

With Zendesk, you can turn the promise of truly omnichannel experience into reality.

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