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Zendesk Explore provides andlytics for businesses to measure and improve the entire customer experience.

Power up your support

Explore is more than pretty dashboards. It’s a comprehensive customer analytics toolkit that helps you measure and optimize every interaction a customer has with your business. It integrates seamlessly with every Zendesk channel, so your team always has the data to make better decisions.

Interactive dashboards for every channel

Let best practices lead the way

We’ve done the heavy lifting and pre-calculated common customer service metrics for you, so you can start measuring your customer data right away.

Act on real-time trends

Use live dashboards to keep an eye on key customer service metrics across teams and channels.

Slice and dice everything

Filter your data by team, date, or custom field to dial in on each part of your business.

Drill down and Dig in

Break down trends in your customer data or take a look at granular ticket level details to see which underlying factors drive performance.

Export your finding

Download customer data in a variety of formats—CSV, Excel, PDF, or Image—to use as you see fit.

Customize reporting to fit your needs

Build custom chart  and dashboards without writing a single line of code.

Choose from 20+ chart types to help you display data in better way. Explore has every visualization option you need.

Tweak the formatting options of any chart to make your data easier to read and customize dashboards to match your brand.

Dive deep into your data with one-click drill-ins that help surface underlying trends and patterns.

Chart recommendations

Let Explore choose the best chart type for your data or build your own custom charts, all from one clean interface—without writing a single line of code.

Custom fields

Create metrics and attributes that align with your support objectives and track the data important to your team.

Forecast ahead

Get a better idea of your ticket volumes and response times to optimize planning and staffing efforts.

Control your results

Easily sort your data, apply patterns, or limit your findings to the top ten or bottom attributes to get a more granular view of your business.

Keep it tidy

Organize your analytics workspace by grouping your custom fields, toggling display formats, and categorizing most used queries as Favorites.

Share and collaborate with teammates

Dashboard viewer portal

One place for your entire team to view all the shared dashboards.

Share with your team

Publish live dashboards, schedule automated delivery, and share dashboards using public or password-protected links to make sure everyone is in the know.

Product-wide search

Search across all of your dashboards, queries, or data sources to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Role and permissions

Specify security permissions to control what users can see and do.

Secured attributes

Restrict the data displayed on dashboards to a specific group of agents.

Global availabilty

Store your Explore data wherever your Zendesk Support instance is hosted.


Localized customer analytics enable teams to scale their customer support efforts globally.

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