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Zendesk Support is a beautifully simple system for tracking, prioritizing, and solving customer support tickets

A help desk that helps you

Track, prioritize, and solve your customer interactions with ease.


Everything you need to help your customers

Get access to channels, features, and functionalities.

Seamless channel integration

Give your customers the choice. Zendesk Support allows your customers to connect with you through web or mobile, or start a conversation directly through email, Facebook, Twitter, or any other channel you want.

Ticket forms

Ask the right questions and gather all the information you need from your customers up-front. With ticket forms, you can create multiple support request forms that show a unique set of ticket fields, making it easy for your agents to know what kind of support your customers need.

Ticket fields

Gather all the relevant details you need from your customers through additional conditional or custom fields. These can be made visible to both your agents and customers.

SLA views

Service Level Agreement (SLA) views let your team easily see SLA status and avoid breaches. Apply them based on the conditions you set and then track metrics down to the minute.


Agents can work in their preferred language, with a localized admin interface available in over 40 languages.


Support up to 300 brands, products, service tiers, or regions. Data and activity are centralized within a single account, making it easy to manage.


Satisfy them with speed

Sophisticated tools to help your agents close cases faster.

Guided mode

Speed up response time and help agents focus by lining up tickets for them to work through, guiding them from one ticket to the next and preventing cherry-picking.

Business Rules

Use skills-based routing to assign the right ticket to the right agent, or triggers and automations to initiate a ticket workflow based on certain changes or time-based conditions of a ticket. Use them out of the box, or customize them to your specific needs.

Pre-defined ticket actions

Use macros to respond quickly to standard requests with pre-defined actions. You can also generate other actions, like changing the status of a ticket or altering certain fields.


Gives agents the relevant customer context they need to provide faster, more personalized responses. The essentials card displays relevant details on the customer your agent is serving, and the interaction history gives agents visibility to all previous customer interactions and events.

Dynamic Content

Communicate in your customer’s language. Dynamically insert ticket content based on their preferred language so that your agents don’t have to do the translation.


Equip agents with the tools they need to efficiently collaborate with other teams. With the Collaboration add-on, agents can efficiently communicate with other teams they need to get involved in solving customer questions – all within Zendesk Support.


Personalize your solution

Flexibility to tailor your Zendesk Support to meet the needs of your team.


Zendesk Support can be adapted to your needs. With Support, you get the flexibility to configure your own workflows–from the simplest to the most complex.


Design sophisticated customizations within Support using 100+ different Zendesk APIs. Build seamless integrations that leverage your tickets, knowledge base, and much more.

Personal views & macros

Create personal ticket views based on status, assignees, or any other conditions so that you see ticket information that’s relevant to you. Also create your own macros so that you can manage tickets the way that you prefer.

Public apps & integrations

Zendesk has over 500+ public apps and integrations available in our marketplace. App Categories include Productivity & Time-Tracking, IT & Project Management, and many more.

Private apps & Integrations

Build your own Zendesk App or Channel integration for exclusive use within your business. You can display or update external data, hide or show a field, or even build a custom workflow on tickets.


Get smart about your support

Access analytics tools to measure and improve your customer service.

Insights on your customers:

CSAT Ratings

Find out what your customers think. CSAT Ratings lets you know how happy they are with your support with two possible answers: “Good, I’m satisfied” or “Bad, I’m unsatisfied.”

Satisfaction Prediction

Predict how likely your customers are to be satisfied with their support experience. Satisfaction Prediction is powered by machine learning and lets your teams enter customer conversations with more context.

Net Promoter Score Survey

Send a NPS® survey to measure customer loyalty and gather customer feedback. Understand why some customers love your company, and why others don’t.

Insights on your agents and support workflow:

Performance Dashboards

Get a better sense of how you’re doing by gaining visibility into ticket volume, agent performance, and other key support metrics.

Custom Reports

Build custom reports to better understand your customers, measure operational efficiency, and improve your team’s workflow.

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