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Expand Zendesk with apps and integrations

There is almost 700 apps and integrations available in Zendesk. With these extensions you can expand Zendesk even more and resolve customers, and yours, issues better. Best of all, most of these apps are totally free for you. Let’s now take a better look at four great app, Pathfinder, JIRA, TimeTracking and Unbabel.


The Pathfinder app displays a timeline of customers web page visit. App displays user activity within a 30 minutes before and after a ticket is filed.When viewing a ticket, the Pathfinder app allows your agents to see which Help Center articles and community posts customers have viewed and searched for prior to submitting support requests. Agents can avoid providing customers with repeat information, that drives shorter resolution times and higher customer satisfaction. Agents can also click on an article or community post in the app to view the same content that the end user has viewed. All this reduces customer frustration.


JIRA integration improve collaboration between engineering teams and the support team. For example, after a customer reports a bug in a ticket, the agent can file a bug in JIRA directly from  Zendesk. After fixing the bug, a developer can add a comment to the ticket directly from JIRA. In JIRA, engineers will have a complete view of customer conversations related to an issue. They can collaborate with your support team to resolve issues. Support team and engineering teams will always be on the same page whenever a development issue arises.

Time tracking


The Time Tracking app makes managing your team’s performance and overall support operations easier. You can easily identify which customers send in the most complicated tickets, or which issue types take the longest for your team to resolve. App gives you good insight of agent’s tickets to discover what’s taking up their time and which issues they’re experts on. You get to know what’s consuming your support team’s resources and find the best areas for optimization and improvement.

With the app, support managers gain visibility into the actual time spent across all your customer service interactions. This App is great for those team leaders who would like to manage their team’s performance by tracking the time spent on each Zendesk ticket. This app is also beneficial to support teams to identify which customers require most effort or which type of issues take longest to solve. Time Tracking also helps you create custom detailed reports with the data it collects. This App can easily be optimised to fit the team’s needs.

Unbabel Translate

In Common Sense Advisory’s “Can’t Read, Won’t Buy” report, 74% of survey respondents reported that they are more likely to purchase again from the same brand if the after-sales care was offered in their own language. Also not only that, 64% of those who are most confident in English still prefer customer care in their own language. Unbabel’s motto is, “If you want to go global, you’ve got to get local”.

With Unbabel app you can translate your customer tickets easily and fast. Unbabel use machine learning to distribute tasks across a global community of 40,000 bilinguals, who are provided with automatic translation options to choose from, greatly enhancing speed whilst training our engine to produce better translations over time. To ensure quality, each ticket is reviewed by at least two translators. Customers have report that satisfaction rates on foreign language tickets translated with Unbabel are statistically equal to those answered by native speakers. At the moment Unbabel app support 28 languages, but more than 70 languages are coming

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