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How customers benefit from Zendesk Guide

Up to 73% of consumers say that they want the ability to solve issues on their own, which is why companies do their best to provide a customer experience that is tailored to self-service. Even so, there are surprisingly many businesses who admit that implementing self-service isn’t a top priority, or it’s something they just can’t get around to do.

Companies who use Zendesk Guide for their self-service needs have reported benefits such as reduced operational cost, improved agent productivity, and increased customer satisfaction. For a better look into the benefits of self-service, here are three customer stories that highlight Zendesk Guide.


Evernote created a help center that plays a key role in reducing their ticket volume and serving their freemium customer base for their note-taking software. Their support team took it a step further by utilizing the Zendesk API to design their own dynamic search function within Zendesk Guide.

It helps their customers narrow in one the article that will help them solve a problem. If there is a technical support issue, the form asks a follow-up question, and then another, and so on. This guided approach provides the customer with series of related articles or links, which are helpful. If this doesn’t help, the system then promotes the search feature or the customer can submit a ticket.




The people at TrackR found out that they had more bandwidth to expand their channel offerings, thanks to the self-service features that Zendesk Guide provides. The system has helped the company keep their ticket volume down, and funnel customers towards articles that can solve their problems. They have reported an over 10 percent deflection rate.

Better ticket deflection gave them more time to invest in their chat and phone support, for more complex questions about their wireless tracking products. TrackR was one of the early participants in Zendesk’s beta program for Answer Bot. They were one of the first to benefit from Guide’s AI-powered self-service.



Tony Bianco

The customer service team at Tony Bianco directs their customers to self-service by utilizing Zendesk Guide’s applications. The Knowledge Capture app allows for linking help articles directly to tickets, which is useful. The pathfinder app lets them see which articles customers have viewed. These apps have been very useful for the premier footwear brand, especially during busy holidays.

The company redirects their customers to Guide when they are called or emailed. They want to show their customer that they are communicating with them as best as they can. Zendesk Guide has helped Tony Bianco improve their customer satisfaction noticeably.


Source: Zendesk

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