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Proactive customer support

Would it be helpful if you had a way to reach out to your customers before they need to reach out to you? Proactive customer support is one of the biggest customer service trends right now. Proactive customer support is about identifying and resolving customer issues before they become problems. Proactive support also involves identifying ways in which a customer experience can be enhanced without the customer asking for it or even knowing that it’s possible. The truth is, we humans are notoriously bad at asking for help. We may need assistance, but unless it’s easy to come by, many of us simply won’t raise our hand. That why it isn’t always necessary to wait for a customer to reach out with a problem, you can try help your customer proactively. When help is delivered on a silver platter, it’s hard to turn down.

Proactive customer support can be a text message letting a customer know that her flight has been delayed, a note informing a customer that a new flavor is available in the gourmet coffee line he always buys or a phone call checking to ensure that an anomalous-seeming charge was really made by the customer. For example famous telecommunications company AT&T use proactive customer support to reduce complaints and misunderstandings due to invoices. Nowadays each new customer receives, along with their bill, a link to a personalised video that explains all of the different elements of their specific charges.

Proactive customer support offers a number of benefits for your business. A report by Enkata found that taking initiative in your support could increase customer retention rates by 3-5%. By being proactive you can identify issues and resolve them before they become problems, which reduces the amount of tickets you receive. Also increased engagement between agents and customers leads to lower cart abandonment rates and more purchasing. Proactive messaging is a great way to inform, educate, or support your customer, before they even realize they need help. It allows you to anticipate and act on customer needs, helping to pre-empt issues, deflect tickets, and build trust with customers. Fortunately, research have showed that consumers are increasingly open to proactive chat.

Proactive support demands that all company stakeholders, not just dedicated support personnel, listen very carefully to customers on every possible platform and track very granularly what customers are doing and even thinking. This requires an investment in time and tools. Good customer experience software, like Zendesk or some other, is almost a must-be think. The name of the customer service game these days is knowing what your customers need before they ask. Proactive messaging can be used to get ahead of these issues and engage and support customers at any point in their journey, that’s why it is one of the biggest customer service trends right now.

Source : Zendesk


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