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How to scale your customer service support

It doesn’t matter how fast your business is growing, you have to be always able to keep your customers happy. Growth doesn’t just mean increasing the number of customers. Growing your business can’t never be a excuse for lower customer service.That means you have to provide great customer service as you scale.

Scaling your company requires operational excellence, the right technology, and a dedicated team. Without good planning your customer support organization can start to crumble. To make sure you’re continuously delivering and maintaining the best customer service, one of the keys to success is to create an effective plan from the start.  As your company scales, this plan will serve as a guide to ensure that both the customer service experience and agent experience remain top-notch. It will also keep every employee at the same page. It is crucial to maintain high employee retention rate, because existing employees know the organization best, have grown with it, and can pass down words of wisdom as new people step into their roles. Seniors usually know more and have a larger influence on the team, and to serve as a guiding light with their expertise.

It is very important to have great help desk software that fits your business model. Zendesk is agile and adaptable so that you can scale your support to new channels and platforms. Zendesk flex to accommodate all your customers’ needs, whether that’s one customer or one million. It helps you maintain personalized customer experiences as you grow, without sacrificing quality or increasing costs. Zendesk is built to be flexible because no two businesses are exactly alike. Platform is open and extendable, which means it can be used by anyone. Zendesk integrates with the powerful systems large companies already have in place just as easily as it supports the needs of small businesses looking to grow.

Going from one customer to one million can turn into a nightmare if you’re not equipped to support them.If your plan proves successful, as time goes on, your customer support organization will strengthen and support the growth of the company. Whether you are starting with 10 agents or growing to 10,000 Zendesk offers you tools to work more efficiently and optimize your workflows while the team scales. In order to speed things up, tickets should be available to everyone on the team to answer that when one shift leaves the next can answer more quickly. It also allows for agents to learn from each other.  A transparent help desk solution also gives support agents easy access to email history by keyword search and category tags.

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