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New Zendesk Suite : All new Suite, radically simple

Today we announced the launch of our new Zendesk Suite, along with our comprehensive messaging solution.

If you asked me to give last year a theme, I would say continuous change. This year, I want it to be radical simplicity.

Zendesk has been on a journey in recent years to evolve how we design, develop, and deploy our customer service solutions. As we grow, we have realized how important it is that we keep returning to our unwavering mission of bringing radical simplicity to enterprise software.

In the past year in particular, our leadership team made a company-wide commitment to “kill our darlings,” which we defined as the things that have become overly, and oftentimes unnecessarily, complex and that take attention away from our most impactful work that really makes a difference to our customers. These efforts are paying off, as they have enabled us to focus all of our energy on the one thing that matters: helping our customers create the best customer experiences for their customers.

With that vision in mind, today we announced the launch of our new Zendesk Suite, along with our comprehensive messaging solution. The new Suite brings together a complete package of powerful communication tools in one radically simple solution that’s easy to buy, setup, deploy, and use.

Welcome to the new Zendesk Suite

When we launched the first version of the Zendesk Suite in 2018, it was at its core designed to make things easy. By bringing together the most popular customer support channels, to help companies provide a connected and consistent experience in one simple package, we set out to change the way companies help their customers.

Our leadership team made a company-wide commitment to “kill our darlings” — the things that have become overly complex and that take attention away from our most impactful work that really makes a difference to our customers
Jeff Titterton, Chief Marketing Officer, Zendesk

The new Zendesk Suite goes much further: it combines all of our powerful, comprehensive service capabilities — along with messaging, analytics, community forums, collaboration, and much more — into one complete offering. This new evolution of the Suite arms businesses with the best CX technology to meet their customers’ needs. We designed it with radical simplicity in mind, making it easy for companies to give customers the support they want, set their teams up for success with a unified agent workspace where they can interact seamlessly with customers across channels, and keep their businesses in sync with an open and flexible platform that allows them to customize quickly and efficiently.

And that radical simplicity extends beyond capabilities to pricing and packaging. We combined these comprehensive solutions and capabilities into one easy-to-understand package with five new plans, each optimized for businesses of different size and maturity. Our guiding principles: make it easy to pick the right plan for your business, and include everything you need to succeed.

The new frontier of customer service: messaging

Zendesk was one of the first SaaS companies to democratize the way businesses offered email support, and with the new Suite, we are now leading the shift to messaging-driven relationships.

Our powerful messaging tools are designed to enable businesses to provide connected conversational experiences across web, mobile, and social channels that work easily out of the box, paired with advanced automation capabilities, and integration and customization options that can be tailored to your unique needs. By making messaging widely available to businesses of all sizes and across industries, we are continuing on our mission to democratize customer service software.

Furthermore, our studies show an unstoppable trend: Customers increasingly prefer to get help in real-time. With Zendesk messaging, you can resolve a customer’s issue in the moment, but also come back to it later if the customer has a follow-up question, all without the customer having to repeat themselves. Businesses can also choose to respond to a customer during business hours and enable chatbots during off-hours to provide that always-available support.

Welcome to the new Zendesk Suite

Zendesk was founded on the belief that customer support software shouldn’t stand in the way of providing a great experience. Removing unnecessary barriers brings your business closer to your customers and also allows you to focus on providing the experiences that your customers need and expect.

Great customer service can take many forms (I highly recommend checking out our recent Many Happy Returns video if you haven’t already seen it), and we’re here to help enable and champion all the hard work that you, our customers, are doing. As this new year of radical simplicity gets under way, we are excited and grateful to be on this journey with you.

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