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Here Are Google’s 9 Hiring ‘Dos’ And ‘Don’ts’

Many Google employees say one of the best perks of working for the company is being surrounded by other incredibly smart, creative people.

That’s exactly how Google wants it: The company makes finding the best people a big priority, through careful evaluation and a peer-based hiring process.

In the new book “How Google Works,” executive chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt and former SVP of product Jonathan Rosenberg highlight nine “dos” and “don’ts” to think about when it comes to recruiting.

Although these tips come from Google, they set a good precedent for any company that’s looking to bring on new people.

Here are Google’s 9 rules for hiring :

Do hire people who are smarter and more knowledgeable than you are.
Don’t hire people you can’t learn from or be challenged by.

Do hire people who will add value to the product and our culture.
Don’t hire people who won’t contribute well to both.

Do hire people who will get things done.
Don’t hire people who think only about problems.

Do hire people who are enthusiastic, self-motivated, and passionate.
Don’t hire people who just want a job.

Do hire people who inspire and work well with others.
Don’t hire people who prefer to work alone.

Do hire people who will grow with your team and with the company.
Don’t hire people with narrow skill sets or interests.

Do hire people who are well rounded, with unique interests and talents.
Don’t hire people who live only to work.

Do hire people who are ethical and who communicate openly.
Don’t hire people who are political and manipulative.

Do hire only when you’ve found a great candidate.
Don’t settle for anything less.

Source: Here Are Google’s 9 Hiring ‘Dos’ And ‘Don’ts’

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