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3 ways to improve your self-service

Self-service is a recent trend in the customer service nation. A majority of customers would rather figure things out on their own than reach out to a customer service representative. Because of this, companies are expanding their online self-service capabilities, in order to deliver the support experience that customers demand. Better availability of online self-service allows agent’s to use their time more efficiently, as they can spend more time where it’s truly needed.

Online service can be described as a win-win situation. Customers experience less friction, and companies curb costs by deflecting agent-assisted interactions. Here are three ways you can empower customers and improve your self-service.

Offering mobile and online self-service

Self-service is about meeting customers wherever they are, whether it’s online or via mobile. However, the most important things is to empower customers to find help center content on your website or mobile app. An online or mobile self-service help center can offer tailored information to customers for more effortless self-service.

Also, it’s important that customers receive help in their own language. The Zendesk Guide help center supports over 40+ languages, which allows for a multilingual help center. Guide’s responsive and beautiful design makes sure, that your help center looks great on any device. It’s also helpful to have a customizable help center for mobile and online self-service, so you can ensure that your help center matches your brand’s look and feel and provides a consistent customer experience.

Growing an online community

Online communities are a home for customer conversations, where customers share opinions and discuss what works and what doesn’t. Communities are great for letting end-users help each other and share ideas and tips. They also serve as a customised and branded platform for strengthening customer connections. Building a community is yet another way for offering more effective self-service.

Utilising artificial intelligence

Powerful AI is no longer the future, it is already here. These days, businesses can provide lightning fast answers with artificial intelligence, such as Zendesk’s Answer Bot. It enables users to solve repetitive queries instantly, reduce team effort, and to provide informed answers automatically. For example, if a customer has a question about company hours, Answer Bot scans the text to understand what the request is, then based on the scan, suggests the most relevant articles. This empowers customers to resolve their questions on their own, or to receive helpful content while waiting for a support agent. As a result, customers are more satisfied and support agents have more time for more complex tasks that require a human touch.

Source: Zendesk


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