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7 Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Chatbots for Customer Service

  • Did you know? According to the survey, 61% of customers are satisfied with communicating with a staff member by email.
  • 44% are satisfied with phone service
  • And 73% preferred live chat customer service the most.

Installing live chat on a website today is not that new. It is undeniable that many social communication behaviors in our lifestyles are increasingly swayed by messaging. Many companies are often installing live chat as an alternative channel for their customers. contacting staff But if you want to deliver a good customer experience via live chat or expect long-term business growth, Live chat also has a number of limitations.

And it was here that chatbots came into being as a complement to chat customer service. In this article, let’s look at 7 reasons why? to use chatbots to help with customer service

7 Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Chatbots in Customer Service

1. Officers do not have to waste time on redundant tasks.

Chatbots can help answer redundant customer questions. whether the delivery status Refund Policy or even changing the password Depending on the system and type of business of the organization, the staff themselves can handle more difficult requests. The amount of time customers have to wait for a response from an agent is also reduced.

2. Intelligent assistant with fast processing

on a busy working day In addition, chatbots can now respond to customers for certain issues on behalf of agents. Agents can also use chatbots to help process the information they need to customers. For example, if the customer wants more information to study Agents can use chatbots to analyze conversations with customers and let chatbots recommend articles they want to send in chat.

3. More efficient service

The AI technology of any chatbot, whether Zendesk chatbot or InGeniusAI, is like an intelligent assistant. It will be able to proactively process customer data, whether it be behavioral preferences. Purchase history or even pages viewed and actions allow brands to use chatbots to send customer notifications. Messages sent can include general news announcements, sale items, and offers about products that customers are interested in that will enhance the customer’s customer journey.

4. Provide a personalized experience

The AI technology of any chatbot, whether Zendesk Even being a chatbot can build long-term relationships with customers as well. Just have customer information. Brands can use chatbots to impress the right customers at the right time. like sending messages to customers by birthday Or even answering questions based on information in the customer’s system that helps customers feel special.

5. Potential Chat Channels

Nowadays, the trend of using messaging channels, whether it is live chat or social media channels, has become very popular. As noted in the Econsultancy report, 73% of customers prefer live chat customer service. Chatbots are therefore another tool that can help enhance the customer experience in the channels that customers want and allow customers to receive faster service.

6. Chatbots can help reduce costs.

Chatbots help businesses provide 24/7 customer service without sleep. No matter what time the customer comes in, even if it is outside the staff’s working hours. Chatbots can also take matters on behalf of the agents first. And if it’s not a communication that’s so complicated that it requires an official Chatbots can also close requests or even sell products themselves.

7. The brand image is modern.

The same is true for customer messaging channel trends. The use of chatbots is also on the rise and on the rise. According to Zendesk’s Customer Experience Trend report, 75% of corporate leaders agree that during the coronavirus pandemic, companies are adopting technology. new to use more One of them is a chatbot. So in terms of customer service trends Chatbots themselves are another way to increase the efficiency of attractive services and support future business expansion.

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