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The gift of new integrations

Square by ChargeDesk 

Square by ChargeDesk (Support) (Chat) (Sell) ChargeDesk is on a mission to improve billing support. Our bespoke square integration is the most advanced and powerful solution for managing square data right inside Zendesk Support tickets. 


Square by ChargeDesk lets you instantly view every customer’s billing history next to their support tickets, then perform key actions such as refunding orders and cancelling subscriptions. 


You can enable access for your entire company, or select individual support agents to manage customer data. Our powerful role system allows you limit specific actions (such as refunds) to individuals or groups of agents. Our detailed reporting system gives lets agents see a history of actions against a customer and lets you see the most common reasons for refunds and cancellations. 

MobileForce CPQ 

MobileForce CPQ (Sell) helps you transform cumbersome paper and spreadsheet quotes into a quick and easy online configure, price, and quote process. Start from a Zendesk Sell Deal, pick a contact, add products; services line items; or discounts, and generate slick proposals in minutes. Smart wizard instantly auto-populates quotes based on the customer or project similarity including discounts and promotions. .

Geckoboard for Sell 

Geckoboard for Sell (Sell) makes it easy to share live Zendesk metrics with your team so they can see how they’re performing against their goals in real-time and be consistently awesome. In minutes, anyone can create easy-to-understand dashboards using real-time data from Zendesk Sell. This keeps your team up to speed with what’s going on right now and gives the rest of the company visibility of your hard work. Connect your Zendesk account and in seconds you’ll be visualizing metrics like value won, value lost, deals by stage, and average deal size like a pro–no training or tutorials required. 

Additional apps added in November:

  • Fructifi (Sell) combines customer purchasing behavior analytics and marketing automation to enable sales and marketing teams to generate more business from existing, repeat-ordering, B2B customers. Map each contact’s buying behavior and alert sales teams when it’s time to reach out to clients needing attention.
  • Salto (Support) empowers business applications’ operators to automate and streamline the way they plan, build, deliver, track, debug and document configuration changes across their application stack. Salto enables you to create deep visibility into your Zendesk configuration, search it, version control it in Git, and understand the impact of your configuration changes.
  • Textline (Sell) is a business text messaging platform that empowers sales teams to create more leads, respond instantly to prospects, and close deals faster. Use Textline to follow up with leads, send reminders, schedule phone calls and demos, and more. Initiate and respond to text messages using the top bar widget or sidebar widget from Zendesk Sell.
  • Sutherland CXM Agent Success (Support) helps contact center agents engage with your customers more effectively. Powered by Google CCAI, this system integrates with your Zendesk application to deliver intelligent shortcuts, live recommendations, and knowledge so they can assist customers with genuine empathy and smarter responses.
  • Agent from Foqal (Support) helps you manage Slack conversations from Zendesk. With Foqal’s Zendesk/Slack integration, manage all of your Slack conversations from across all of your customer channels while getting all of the powerful features of Zendesk–all through Foqal.

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