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good news! Zendesk is now connected to WeChat

WeChat is a popular communication platform from China with over 963 million users worldwide, making many businesses wanting to tap into Chinese customers often choose WeChat to build their brand awareness and to advertise their products.

This article explains how to connect WeChat communication channels with Zendesk Agent Workspace so that customers who contact us with questions or report problems via WeChat will receive better service. Customer service and support teams are simplified through a single platform, Zendesk. In addition, all customer information and contact will be stored as a ticket as well.

Initially, if you want to connect WeChat to Zendesk, then the Zendesk connectable package is Zendesk Suite, and messaging must be enabled on the Agent Workspace by going to the Admin Center > clicking “Channels” >. First select Messaging & Social > Messaging Setup.

Here's how to connect WeChat to Zendesk in detail.

  1. Go to Admin Center > click “Channels” in the sidebar, then select Messaging & Social > Messaging.
  2. Click on Add Channel and select WeChat from the dropdown.
  3. Click on the Link Account button and follow the instructions to scan your WeChat QR Code.
  4. Scan the QR Code using WeChat on either your Android or IOS device, then log in as an account administrator of WeChat on your mobile.
  5. You will see a WeChat verification page on your mobile. Click the green button to allow Zendesk to manage your WeChat messages after you verify on your mobile. Your browser will automatically return to the Channel Page.
  6. Click Save Changes and you are done.

What are the advantages of connecting Zendesk to WeChat?

  1. First of all, the service team doesn’t have to go to WeChat’s page anymore, it can be served through Zendesk in one place, along with other channels.

  2. Zendesk will back up all your WeChat data and communication history. Because usually WeChat’s back-end system can only store data for the past 3 days and can only view the last 20 chat messages.


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